Frequently Asked Questions

charlieThank you for your interest in my services. I've tried to answer some common questions below so you can get a better understanding of who I am, why I do what I do, how it works, and if I'm a good fit for you.

Call me anytime if you would rather talk than read. My number is 303-947-7880.

Why do you work in the veterinary industry?

I have always had a passion for animals and after working in the veterinary industry for 7 years, I knew someday I would come back to it. I loved coming home every day knowing I had made a difference both in the life of an animal, and the animal's caretaker. Now, instead of working directly with only one clinic, I get to share my expertise with many hospitals and clinics that offer wonderful services to their communities, and I also get to work with the dedicated companies that supply these veterinarians with quality products that help them do their jobs.  I help get these products and services to the places where they will do the most good, and I get to be a part of the veterinary community.

Short Version? I love it!

What makes you qualified to write copy?

I've had a successful freelance writing business for 13+ years. I've written for the real estate industry, various small businesses from beekeeping to locksmithing, large medical device companies, agencies, veterinary hospitals, and healthcare. Unlike many copywriters, I also spent over a decade as a very successful marketing executive in the natural and alternative products and healthcare industries, so I have firsthand experience of how important things like ROI, lead generation, demand generation, consistently full sales funnels, and effective marketing strategies are to you.

Bottom line: I know how to speak to a prospect, nurture a lead, encourage the loyalty of a current customer, and what it takes to create compelling content that engages them all.

I also spend considerable time honing my craft. I've attended workshops and educational seminars, I've been personally coached by one of the best trainers in the U.S. - Chris Marlow - and graduated from her copywriting course. I've attended Copywriters Summit, White Paper Summit, Social Media Summit, and was a top 3 finalist for the very competitive White Paper Apprentice competition put on by Mike Stelzner - the premier white paper guru.

The Veterinary Marketer  is a sub specialty within my very successful company, Medical Industry Copywriter.

What makes you qualified to be a contract marketing director?

Over a decade as a corporate marketing executive and over 15 years as an entrepreneur marketing  my own business make me exceptionally qualified. I've had to do lead and demand generation, lead nurturing, social media campaigns, client retention strategies, direct mail efforts, and many, many other successful campaigns.  I've got a deep well of knowledge and a passion for the industries I work within.

What kind of projects do you do?

I am particularly successful with creating highly engaging content. Websites, white papers, educational copy, blog and newsletter copy. Visit here for more information on the types of services I offer, and here for the kinds of projects I've done in the past.

As a veterinary hospital contract marketing director, I create, implement, and report on a fully integrated marketing strategy, depending on the needs of your hospital or clinic.

How do you quote prices?

I typically quote a flat fee per project. If this isn't possible due to the nature of the project, I will still quote a fee range. I do work on a hourly basis, which is beneficial to you because you know exactly what to expect and budget for the project and there aren't any surprises.

My fees are based loosely on the amount of time it takes me to complete a project, but they are also based on the complexity of the project, what I bring to the table as a valued resource and partner, and what the project itself is worth.

What do you need from me to start a project?

If I'm starting on a contract relationship with your hospital or clinic, we will schedule a phone meeting where we will go in depth on what you accomplish with your marketing strategy, where you are now, what makes your hospital different, how you want to position yourself, and other pertinent strategic and practical considerations. I will also require a first months' payment.

If I'm starting on a project, I will require a Creative Brief, and 50% of the project fee in order to get started on your project. Usually, it works out best to schedule  a phone meeting where we will go over things like who the audience for the project is, what you want to convey, the benefits of your product/service. I will also require 50% of the project fee

I need to contact you now. How do I do that?

You can either email me at, or call me at 303-947-7880